2008 screen print series
of 1954 alphabet booklet

Our Jim Flora series, PRIMER FOR PROPHETS: A Flora '50s A-B-C, offers twelve different fine art prints.

The images derive from a 1954 trade-only alphabet booklet titled PRIMER FOR PROPHETS that Flora illustrated for CBS-TV. The booklet, which was not circulated to the public, was intended to attract corporate advertisers to the emerging medium of television (with "Prophet" in the title being a pun on "profit"). Each page featured Flora illustrations of past-tense verbs (A to Z) that reflected daily activities of the typical American family, suggesting products they would purchase. Each illustration is a masterpiece — Jim Flora at his post-war commercial peak. That same year, Flora began illustrating RCA Victor album covers, creating some of his most popular, iconic images (Mambo for Cats). The PRIMER illustrations are consistent with the best of his RCA album sleeves.

The PRIMER FOR PROPHETS screen prints were produced in a limited edition of 100 (of each letter) by Minneapolis print/design studio Aesthetic Apparatus, using Flora archivist Barbara Economon's high-resolution digital scan of a mint copy of the rare booklet from the Flora collection. The artwork has not been cropped or altered — it is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared. The trademark "Flora" signature, which did not appear on the original illustrations, has been added in the lower right of each print.

Each printed and trimmed sheet is 13" x 7-1/2" (including a 3/4" margin around the active artwork). The prints use acrylic screen inks meticulously matched to Flora's original colors on off-white 100-lb., archival-quality, uncoated cover stock (French Paper Co.'s "Whitewash"). Each print is hand-numbered on the front and authenticated on the reverse with stamped seals from Jim Flora Art LLC ( a Flora family enterprise) and Aesthetic Apparatus.

Numbered copies of unframed prints are being offered for $50.00 each, except JIVED, which sells for $125.00, because very few prints remain of that work. We offer discounts for the purchase of multiple prints in the series (see ORDERING INFO at right).

In 2011, a decision was made to discontinue the series. It is unlikely the remaining letters in the series will be issued in screen or any other format. As the existing print stocks sell down, prices for remaining prints will increase.

Great effort is made to ensure the quality and craftmanship of each print. Given the organic nature of the screen printing process, small spots or specks are often present on some prints. However, such minute imperfections are common and do not detract or distract from the image itself.

NOTE: Actual print image is sharper than it appears online.


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