Flora covered canvases with paint. We want to cover the world with Flora. So far, besides websites, prints, blogs, and books, we're offering the following finely crafted merchandise. Click on the images to be magically transported to pages describing our fine line of Flora visual, tactile, and utilitarian artifacts which you can buy thru the convenience of PayPal.
Hand-Printed Notecards

Maritime Vignettes




    Children's Book Reprints
from Enchanted Lion

The Day The Cow Sneezed (1957)

Kangaroo for Christmas (1962)

Jim Flora Wall Coverings

Our fine art prints can be displayed on your walls. But you can now cover entire walls with Jim Flora's mischief and mayhem. Drawing from Flora's archival music images, paintings, and abstract designs, the Flora Collection brings what the artist termed "a piece of excitement" to any space. Wild and playful, many of these splashy designs are suitable for children's rooms, recording studios, and dens.

The Big Bank Robbery
302-pc wooden jigsaw puzzle

Devilish mid-1960s Flora painting;
laser-cut pieces in Flora-like shapes
from Artifact Puzzles

Flora prints from ArtMuse.com

ArtMuse.com ("Original Affordable Art") offers archival-quality, limited edition
fine art prints of iconic Flora works from the 1950s & 1960s in a variety of sizes.

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