Flora's work features great modernist design and eye-catchingly expressive
cartoon characters, and neither loses out to the other.
” — Pete Docter

The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora
A Centennial Fine Art Retrospective, 1940-1975

posted: September 21, 2014

We're celebrating the Flora centennial with a major fine art exhibition at the Silvermine Arts Center, Norwalk CT, now thru Nov 2, 2014, curated by Irwin Chusid, co-archivist of the Jim Flora collection. On display are dozens of rarely seen original paintings and prints, most never previously exhibited. Flora and his artist wife Jane were members of the legendary Silvermine Guild of Artists, so this exhibit represents a homecoming of sorts. (Above: Chance Encounter, a 1970 tempera, which is part of the exhibit.)


The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora (The Exhibit)
A book and an exhibit in celebration of Flora's album art

posted: June 13, 2014

We're having very belated book launch party/exhibit for The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora, at a great Brooklyn club/gallery called Jalopy. The exhibition, which runs thru August 22, showcases dozens of vintage LPs and 78 rpm album covers illustrated by Flora, as well as selected works from our fine art prints gallery and some Flora music-themed rarities..


Jim Flora Flora 2014 Centennial Exhibit
planned at Silvermine Art Center

posted: January 25, 2014

In 2014 we'll mark the 100th anniversary of the January 25, 1914 birth (in Bellefontaine, Ohio) of Jim Flora with a career-spanning exhibit at Silvermine Arts Center, Norwalk CT. Jim and his artist wife Jane were members of the Silvermine Guild for many years, so this exhibit represents a sort of homecoming. The show opens September 21, 2014, and will run to November 2. Still in the early planning stages, the exhibit will feature original paintings from the 1940s to the 1990s, as well as sketches, woodcuts, unpublished artifacts, music business ephemera, and commercial illustrations. Sample images are posted on Silvermine's Facebook page.


The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora (The Book)
Our fourth Flora anthology now available
from Fantagraphics Books

posted: September 30, 2013

The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora serves two purposes: 1) it replaces our long out-of-print and highly sought book from 2004, The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora, which featured the Flora album covers known to us at the time (along with a bunch of other cool stuff); and 2) it showcases the Flora album covers we knew in 2004 and others we've since discovered, along with a plethora of vintage Flora music-oriented art, most of which has not been previously published in our anthologies. This art rocks, bops, and swings from the chandeliers. The book, which can be ordered at Amazon.com, includes cheeky back cover blurbs from Gary Panter, Arnold Roth, James Lileks, Georgia Hubley, and Joost Swarte.


Kim Thompson (1956-2013)
posted: June 26, 2013

We mourn the passing on June 19 of Fantagraphics Books co-publisher/editor Kim Thompson. Kim served as editor and point person on our Flora books—and they were better books for his involvement. On the Flora blog, we offer a eulogy for our departed compatriot.


Jim Flora Wall Coverings
New from Astek, Inc., Double E Co. and JimFlora.com

posted: February 6, 2013

Our fine art prints can be displayed on your walls. But thanks to Astek and Double E, you can now cover entire walls with Jim Flora's mischief and mayhem. Drawing from Flora's archival music images, paintings, and abstract designs, the Flora Collection brings what the artist termed "a piece of excitement" to any space. Wild and playful, many of these splashy designs are suitable for children's rooms, recording studios, and dens. Double E Co. was founded by two Floraphiles, Eva Firshein and Elsa Menendez, and all images are fully authorized by the Flora family.


Big Bank Robbery Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
New from Artifact Puzzles and JimFlora.com

posted: January 3, 2013

The Big Bank Robbery, a 1960s Flora tempera, has been one of our best-selling fine art prints. Artifact Puzzles has now produced a 302-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of the curiously sinister work. The shape of the individual pieces (see below) were inspired by Flora's art. The puzzle is laser-cut from 1/4"-thick wood.


Flora prints from ArtMuse.com
posted: July 25, 2012

ArtMuse.com ("Original Affordable Art") has produced, under license from the Flora estate, four archival-quality, limited edition fine art prints of iconic Jim Flora works from the 1950s and 1960s. The works (three of which were previously unpublished) are available in a variety of sizes, with pricing pegged to size and edition run.


Bix and Tram
New Limited Edition print available

posted: March 5, 2012

Launched: Bix and Tram, a limited-edition (25) fine art print featuring one of Flora's earliest illustrated album covers. Part of the Columbia Records "hot jazz" series, the sleeve first hit music shop shelves in 1947. The caricatures depict two legendary and highly influential jazz musicians from the 1920s, cornetist Leon "Bix" Beiderbecke and saxophonist Frankie Trumbauer.


Charles, Mother Has Come To Stay
posted: February 14, 2012

Launched: A limited-edition, archival-quality fine art print of a bizarre, late-1960s Flora painting entitled Charles, Mother Has Come to Stay. The previously uncirculated work was reproduced in our second book, The Curiously Sinister Art of Jim Flora. The edition consists of 25 archival-quality prints.


FLORA NYC EXHIBIT at Dorian Grey Gallery
Showcase runs NOV 19, 2011 - JAN 8, 2012

posted: November 10, 2011

Dorian Grey Gallery hosts The Curiously Sinister Art of Jim Flora, the first posthumous New York exhibit and sale of Jim Flora original art and prints, Nov. 19 (reception) thru Jan. 8. The gallery is showcasing significant works from the Flora family collection, covering the 1940s to the late 1990s. Offerings include temperas on paper; woodcut prints (vintage and new); medium and large acrylics on canvas; pen & ink drawings on paper; fine art and screen prints, and branded Flora paper merchandise. Many exhibited works (see samples on the Gallery's website) have not been previously published. The above exhibit promo art (by Laura Lindgren, our Flora book designer) will be issued as a limited edition fine art print through Dorian Grey.


Kangaroo for Christmas
posted: October 15, 2011

Kangaroo for Christmas, Flora's fifth kiddie book (1962), has been reprinted in hardcover by Enchanted Lion Books. (Buy here at Amazon.com.) Last year Enchanted Lion reprinted Flora's The Day The Cow Sneezed (1957). Enchanted Lion will expand their reprint series of Flora's long-out-of-print children's literature in 2012 with Leopold, The See-Through Crumbpicker (1961).

UPDATE: The Leopold reprint has been postponed indefinitely.


Inside Sauter-Finegan
posted: August 3, 2011

Launched: a limited-edition (25) fine art print of Flora's iconic 1954 RCA Victor album cover Inside Sauter-Finegan. Long regarded as one of the artist's LP masterpieces, Inside Sauter-Finegan created a sensation when it graced record shop bins in mid-century. Many Floraphiles have purchased and framed worn LP copies without even listening to the music in the grooves. The cover is a little mesmerizing.


Rowayton Creature Tableau
posted: April 26, 2011

Released: a limited edition (25) fine art print of an unpublished and previously uncirculated 1970s Flora pen & ink depicting an exotic pageant of critters cruising the streets of the Connecticut village he called home for over 50 years. The figures reflect the whimsical style commonly found in Flora's children's books of the period.


Bell Island at Night
posted: April 1, 2011

Launched: Bell Island at Night, a limited-edition (30) fine art print of a 1968 Flora tempera. Bell Island is a quaint Connecticut boating enclave on Long Island Sound where Flora lived from the mid-1940s until his death in 1998. His brushstrokes evoke a playful nocturnal portrait of neighborhood and neighbors.


Maritime Vignettes
posted: March 1, 2011

Maritime Vignettes, a trio of letterpress-printed cards, depict Flora-esque New England nautical figures. The images were adapted from an uncirculated 1954 Jim Flora woodcut entitled Connecticut Shore. Artworks suitable for mailing as notecards or framing in your Captain's Quarters.


Jim Flora 2011 Calendars
posted: October 29, 2010

Our new large (13" x 17") calendar, SHEFFIELD ISLAND (left), adapts a 1954 Flora woodcut of a maritime silhouette. Produced by Yee-Haw Industries, of Knoxville, the letterpress work can be framed as a fine art print at year's end.

We're also still offering our smaller letterpress calendars featuring three comic Flora illustrations from the 1950s: Swingin' Sax, Boogie-Beat Drummer, and Stardust Moon.


Night-Sky Moonswinger
posted: October 12, 2010

Launched: Night-Sky Moonswinger, an open edition, low-priced ($25) fine art mini-print featuring an overalls-clad boy swinging from the moon. The image originally appeared on the back dust jacket of Flora's (long out of print) 1972 kiddie book Pishtosh Bullwash and Wimple.


The Day The Cow Sneezed
posted: October 1, 2010

The Day The Cow Sneezed, Flora's second kiddie book (1957), has been reprinted by Enchanted Lion. (Buy here at Amazon.com) We recently issued a fine art print, Ferris Wheel Fireworks, adapted from a dazzling two-page spread in the book. Enchanted Lion plans to develop a series of reprints of Flora's long-out-of-print children's literature.

ADDED (October 26): We've released an open edition ($25) fine art mini-print of the Cow Sneezed book cover.


Flora Mambo Font
posted: September 2, 2010

P22 Type Foundry has released Flora Mambo, a font set based on playful hand-lettering from the 1955 Jim Flora Mambo For Cats RCA Victor album cover. The set includes "Flornaments," consisting of 72 miniature figure icons (dingbats) from Flora artworks.


G3 in Tampico
posted: July 14, 2010

Launched: G3 in Tampico, a new limited edition fine art print. In this colorful, Mexican-themed 1970 work, Flora wreaked havoc with peepers, towers, foliage, phallic imagery, and teats. G3-rated for moderate ambiguity. Edition of 25.


Ferris Wheel Fireworks
posted: April 26, 2010

Ferris Wheel Fireworks, a new limited edition fine art print, is now available. The chaotic tableau originated in Flora's 1957 kiddie book, The Day the Cow Sneezed, as a two-page spread. The book will be republished in Fall 2010 by Enchanted Lion.


Celebrities mini print
posted: March 30, 2010

Launched: a miniature (7" x 8") giclée open edition print (at $25/ea.) of a previously uncirculated mid-1990s Flora pen & ink drawing. Celebrities portrays anonymous showbiz figures as freakshow caricatures.


Mardi Gras Quartet screen prints
posted: February 15, 2010

JimFlora.com is offering a series of limited-edition screen prints of early 1950s paintings entitled Mardi Gras. Flora rendered the identical figures in four rich color patterns. The prints (edition of 125 each) can be purchased individually or as a set of four.


Mambo For Cats Mini Print
posted: November 15, 2009

Our large Mambo For Cats limited edition screen print is almost sold out. We're now offering (at $25/ea.) a miniature (7" x 7") giclée open edition print of this renowned Flora 1955 RCA Victor LP cover.


Big Evening
posted: July 14, 2009

Jim Flora Art has released a limited-edition fine art print of a 1960 Flora painting entitled Big Evening. It depicts a cavalcade of multi-eyed, misshapen, DNA-challenged mutants. Got a problem with that? Only 25 prints were produced for this edition.


The Big Bank Robbery
posted: June 23, 2009

Jim Flora Art has released a limited-edition fine art print of a colorful 1960s Flora painting entitled The Big Bank Robbery. This three-tiered tableau depicts characteristic Flora mayhem: inscrutable monsters with misshapen features, Lego architecture, buildings with eyes, alternating color fills, and—yes—a bank robbery. Only 30 prints were produced for this edition.


posted: May 14, 2009

Now available: a limited edition fine art print of Flora's 1947 Columbia album cover for Louis Armstrong's Hot 5. Commissioned by Hypergallery, a UK dealer specializing in classic album cover art, the print is available exclusively through their website. The edition of 25 was produced by Flora archivist Barbara Economon from a vintage printer's proof sheet in the family's collection.


White Block Quadrupeds
posted: April 3, 2009

Jim Flora Art has released a limited-edition fine art print of an uncirculated early 1940s Flora painting which depicts an inscrutable panorama of disconnected facial features, headless quadrupeds, and a fanged horse. The stylized figures echo motifs found in the artist's work from 1942 to 1944, after he was hired by the Columbia Records art department. Only 25 prints were produced for this edition.


posted: February 19, 2009

Jim Flora's iconic 1947 Columbia Records album cover for KID ORY & HIS CREOLE JAZZ BAND is now available as a fine art print in a limited edition of 20.


Little Shop of Flora's
posted: November 3, 2008

... is now open. Jim Flora hand-printed notecards, fine art bookmarks, and 2009 letterpress calendars at affordable prices. We've also released a number of new Flora fine art and classic album cover prints, which are also quite affordable.


posted: October 17, 2008

A new print from a well-preserved 1957 Flora woodcut has been issued in a limited edition of 50. JUGGLERS, which depicts a surrealistic circus tableau, dates from Flora's RCA Victor album cover period and roughly conforms to foot-square LP dimensions.


posted: September 14, 2008

A print of a 1966 Flora illustration for Fortune magazine has been issued in a limited edition of 20. This is the first of Flora's topical illustrations to be offered as a fine art print. The illustration portrays the Federal Communications Commission as "something of a Superboy in a world of monstrous problems reaching from space to the good earth of Capitol Hill."



posted: June 21, 2008

NOW AVAILABLE: the next four screen prints in the Primer for Prophets series. Cool Flora illustrations of the American nuclear family (and their weird pets) during the 1950s, when donuts and cake were considered essential nutrients, little girls could multi-task with brushes, and dogs craved beer!


posted: June 5, 2008

We recently introduced two vintage Jim Flora RCA Victor LP cover illustrations to our print catalog: Lord Buckley's 1955 Hipsters, Flipsters, and Finger-Poppin' Daddies, and an uncirculated 1954 draft, The Incredible Flutist. Both are available as limited edition, numbered and authenticated fine art prints.
posted: June 5, 2008

The Colorado-based Faded Line Clothing Co. has produced a line of Jim Flora casual chest-wear: four different Flora images printed on sixteen shirts (and an infant's onesie). This snug armor can be scored with a few mouse-clicks at the Faded Line site.
APRIL 4 to AUGUST 31, 2008
posted: April 4, 2008

Illinois museum showcases original works, fine art giclées, woodcut relief prints, record covers, music ephemera, and Little Man Press artifacts in exhibit running through Summer 2008. Flora books, prints and merchandise are on sale in the gift shop.
posted: March 1, 2008

Extending Flora's album cover legacy into the 21st century, a new CD graced with a wild 1951 Flora illustration has been released. The CD, entitled Ectoplasm, features rare and unreleased recordings by Raymond Scott's 1948-'49 Quintet. The cover was co-designed by masterful Dutch art director Piet Schreuders and Flora archivist Irwin Chusid, who produced the CD. The album was released by Basta Audio-Visuals, who are considering a limited edition vinyl LP for Flora fans later this year. Available online through Amazon.com.

posted: September 16, 2007

The Flora album cover tradition continues in the 21st Century. A new CD, Whirled Chamber Music, by jazz violinist Jeremy Cohen's Quartet San Francisco, features details from an uncirculated 1967 Jim Flora painting entitled "Barberinni."

posted: September 16, 2007

Jim Flora Art LLC is offering limited edition fine art prints of this colorful, bizarre 1951 Flora painting. The edition of ten, meticulously color-matched to the original, was produced by Flora archivist Barbara Economon. Only a handful of prints remain.
posted: May 15, 2007 / updated: June 1, 2007

An archival 16" x 9" handmade relief print of an early Jim Flora woodcut was auctioned on eBay. The work, featuring black ink on off-white paper, is untitled, unsigned, and undated, but reflects Flora's early '40s visual technique. Bidding closed on May 25, with a top bid of $415. Six more black-on-white and two hand-colored versions of this print remain in the Flora archives, but this is the only one that will be offered by Jim Flora Art LLC for now. Unlike dozens of vintage Flora prints for which original blocks cannot be found, the block for this print is in the Flora family archive. However, because of a split in the aged wood, the block might not be serviceable for further prints. We expect to test the block at Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress later this year, to determine if it will withstand a new limited numbered edition.
posted: March 15, 2007

NOW AVAILABLE: Limited-edition screen prints of the renowned Jim Flora 1955 Mambo for Cats RCA Victor album cover. Professionally produced in an edition of 200, the prints were created from a digital restoration of a vintage printer's proof. They measure 20" x 20" and use acrylic screen printing inks meticulously matched to Flora's original colors on archival 100-pound off-white cover stock. Each print is numbered on the front and authenticated on the reverse with stamped seals.
posted: February 26, 2007

Glimpses of artful artifacts from the archives are posted regularly at the Jim Flora blog. Bug-eyed beboppers, curiously colored critters, and off-kilter streetscapes abound.
posted: January 22, 2007

In November 2006, over a dozen Jim Flora woodcuts and copper engravings were discovered in his son Joel's attic. The blocks and plates, which date from 1940 to 1960, are in terrific shape, and include several works for which prints had not previously been found. In December, Flora biographer Irwin Chusid brought several of the historic relics to Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress, in Knoxville TN, where printmakers produced several dozen archival-quality "trial proofs" in a variety of colors. Plans are underway to produce numbered editions of the woodcuts and plates. Snapshots of the discovered works and the printmaking process can be viewed at the above link.
posted: January 22, 2007

The Flora archive contains dozens of the artist's sketchbooks, from the 1930s to the '90s. They comprise a mindblowing museum of raw ideas and -- in some cases -- fully realized works. Along with thousands of pen and pencil sketches, the pages contain early drafts of Flora's album covers, rough drawings of paintings, and outlines of children's books. (Samples at the above link.)

All images © Jim Flora Art LLC, except where noted. All rights reserved.