JimFlora.com offers unique sets of hand-printed notecards featuring vintage illustrations by Jim Flora. The sets depict quirky Flora music-themed figures from the 1940s and 1950s (left column) and woodcut maritime motifs (right). The cards, which were letterpress printed by Yee-Haw Industries, Knoxville TN, are packaged with kraft envelopes in clear sleeves.

Note on printing: tiny specks visible around the images are common and are a natural byproduct of the hand-printing process. Click images to enlarge.

The "Dig You Later" series features a quartet of boppin' hepcats (sax, drummer, guitarist, pianist) from a 1955 draft RCA Victor LP design. The cards measure 4-1/2" x 6-1/4".

The "Stardust Moon" series (same size as above) features a smiling moon and musical instruments from a 1954 RCA Victor album cover.

The "Deluxe-O-Tone" series (3-1/4" x 5") features turntable illustrations and "happy notes" from 1940s and 1950s music ads illustrated by Flora.

Each card set costs $15.00 + s/h, with discounts for multiple purchases.

We also offer the DIG YOU LATER and STARDUST MOON series as matted letterpress prints.

Individual Sets: $15 each
Shipping costs are flat rate
for up to 10 sets

All Three Sets: $40
Shipping costs are flat rate
for up to 10 sets


The Maritime Vignettes were adapted by Yee-Haw Industries from a 1954 Jim Flora woodcut entitled Connecticut Shore (see below). The cards, which can be purchased singly or as a set, are hand-printed letterpress in black ink on heavyweight bright white cardstock (single trimmed sheet; no foldover).

Each printed image measures about 3-1/2" x 8" centered on a 4" x 9" card. The Maritime Vignettes can be framed as artworks or mailed.

Individual: $10 each
Shipping costs are flat rate
for up to 10 sets

Set of Three: $25
Shipping costs are flat rate
for up to 12 sets


To order single sets or mix-and-match quantities, use checkout boxes above. Select your shipping destination and click PayPal button to purchase. You can specify quantity at PayPal checkout. Shipping costs are flat rate for ALL quantities up to ten (10) sets. When ordering, please specify the name of the notecards (Dig You Later, Stardust, Deluxe-O-Tone, Maritime Vignettes) in the message section of your PayPal checkout.

Personal check and MO accepted. Email: printshop@jimflora.com

All orders are shipped via USPS.

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