Vintage album covers


Flora covers appeared in many configurations (e.g., 78 rpm set, 10″ microgroove LP, 12″ LP, 45 rpm 7″ set, open-reel tape, tape cartridge, and foreign editions). Catalog numbers below refer to at least one, and in some cases two separate issues. (We did not list stereo and mono entries where applicable, since the covers were identical.) Most—but not all—Flora designs include his signature or typeset surname. Dates refer to cited or estimated commercial release. Albums subsequently reissued without Flora covers are not listed.


Benny Goodman
Harry James
Bob Wills
These undated (ca. mid-1940s), untitled (except for recording artist’s name) empty record albums, with no catalog numbers, were designed to accommodate four 78 rpm discs by the respective artists. They were distributed to record store patrons as promotional giveaways.

Bing Crosby
Crosby Classics
Columbia M-555 (1944)

Burl Ives
The Wayfaring Stranger
Columbia C-103 (1947)
Note: later issued in 45 rpm 7″ multi-disc set

Kid Ory and His Creole Jazz Band
New Orleans Jazz
Columbia C-126 (1947)

Gene Krupa and His Orchestra
Gene Krupa and His Orchestra
Columbia C-138 / B-138 (1947)
Note: later issued as 10″ microgroove LP

Louis Armstrong’s Hot 5
Louis Armstrong’s Hot 5
Columbia C-139 (1947)

Bix Beiderbecke and Frank Trumbauer
Bix and Tram
Columbia C-144 (1947)

Sidney Bechet
Sidney Bechet
Columbia C-173 (1948)

Sidney Bechet
Sidney Bechet
Columbia A-74 (1948)
Note: Canadian edition; different Flora cover

Jack Lawrence with Male Quartet and Orchestra
Come to the Circus
Columbia MJ-44 (1948)

Edith Sitwell (poems) / William Walton (music)
Columbia ML-2047 (1949)
Note: 10″ LP; sleeve and booklet by Flora
Also released as 12″ LP, Facade with Dame Edith Sitwell (ML-5241)
with non-Flora cover. Booklet reformatted to 12″ square,
containing all Flora illos except one.

Jimmy Dorsey and His Original “Dorseyland” Jazz Band
Dixie By Dorsey
Columbia CL-6095 / B-196 / C-196 (1949)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
Liberian Suite
Columbia CL-6073 (1949)

Count Basie
Rockin’ and Relaxin’
Epic EG 7029 (ca. 1954 or 1955)
Note: Epic was a Columbia subsidiary

Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra
Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel
Columbia AL-46 (1954)

The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor
Richard Strauss: Waltzes from Die Rosenkavalier, Op 59
Tchaikovsky: Waltz from Serenade for Strings Op 48

Columbia Masterworks 7″ EP A-1847 (1954)

Budapest String Quartet
Haydn: Quartet in G Major/D Minor
Columbia Masterworks ML-4922 (1954)
Note: pink fill
Haydn: Quartet in C Major/B-Flat Major
Columbia Masterworks ML-4923 (1954)
Note: blue fill
Haydn: Quartet in D Major/E-Flat Major
Columbia Masterworks ML-4924 (1954)
Note: brown fill
Haydn: Quartets, Opus 76 (Complete)
Columbia Masterworks SL-203 (1954)
Note: green fill; 3-LP boxed set


Note: Camden was a budget subsidiary of
The Radio Corporation of America (RCA)

Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler, conductor
Piston: The Incredible Flutist
RCA Victor LRM-7053 (1953 or ’54)
Note: Flora sketches and painted drafts exist for this 7″ cover,
which was assigned in late 1953, but we have been unable to
determine if it appeared on a commercial release.

Luis Sandi; Sarita Gloria
Music of the Bonampak Mexican Ballet and Brazilian Songs
RCA Victor LM-1737 (ca. 1954)

George M. Cohan, Jr. with the Harold Coates Orchestra
Yankee Doodle Boy: George M. Cohan Songs
Camden CAE-132 (1954)

Festival Concert Orchestra
Four Stars
Camden CAE-134 (1954)

Festival Concert Orchestra
Johann Strauss Favorites
Camden CAE-138 (1954)

Andre Musette Orchestra
Polka Party
Camden CAE-139 (1954)

Woodhull’s Old Tyme Masters
Square Dances Vol. 1
Camden CAE-199 (1954)
Note: two covers exist, same catalog number, with
color and detail variations

Golden Symphony Orchestra
Puccini: La Bohème Fantasia
Camden CAE-204 (1954)

E. Robert Schmitz
Five Debussy Preludes
Camden CAE-210 (1954)

Festival Concert Orchestra
Rimsky-Korsakoff: Capriccio Español
Camden CAE-213 (1954)

World Wide Symphony Orchestra
Ravel: Valses Nobles et Sentimentales
Camden CAE-216 (1954)

Morton Downey
Sings Songs You Love
Camden CAE-245 (1954)

Thames Symphony Orchestra
Brahms Symphony No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 98
Camden CAL-246 (1954)
Note: Flora rendered letter “B” in “Brahms” only

Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler, conductor
Kabalevsky: The Comedians
RCA Victor ERA-248 (1954)

Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Inside Sauter-Finegan
RCA Victor LJM-1003 (1954)

Shorty Rogers
Shorty Rogers Courts the Count
RCA Victor LJM-1004 (1954)

Nick Travis Quintet
The Panic Is On
RCA Victor LJM-1010 (1954)

The Philharmonia Orchestra, Robert Irving, conductor
Rossini-Respighi: La Boutique Fantasque
RCA Victor Bluebird LBC-1080 (1954)

Alex Kallao Trio with Milt Hinton and Don Lamond
An Evening At the Embers
RCA Victor LJM-1011 (1954)

Combined Orchestras of Ralph Flanagan and Buddy Morrow
The War of the Bands Concert
RCA Victor LPM-3211 (1954)

Dr. Seuss (Narrated by Paul Wing)
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Camden CAE-293 (1955)

Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Concert Jazz
RCA Victor EPC-1051 (1955)

Andre Previn and Shorty Rogers
RCA Victor LJM-1018 (1955)

The Glyndebourne Festival Orchestra, Vittorio Gui, conductor
Mozart: Symphony No. 39 – Haydn: Symphony No. 95
RCA Victor (Canada) LHMV 11 (1955)
Note: woodcut by Flora

Pete Jolly Trio
Coming-Out Party
RCA Victor EPA-630 (1955)

Pete Jolly Duo
Pete Jolly Duo
RCA Victor EPA-637 (1955)

Lord Buckley
Hipsters, Flipsters, and Finger-Poppin’ Daddies,
Knock Me Your Lobes

RCA Victor LPM-3246 (1955)

Charlie Ventura and His Orchestra
For Boppers Only
RCA Victor EPA-659 (1955)

Raphael Muñoz and His Orchestra
Top Pops of Latin America
RCA Victor LPM-1054 (1955)

Various Artists
Mambo for Cats
RCA Victor LPM-1063 (1955)

Miguel Aceves Mejía
Mexican Folk Songs
RCA Victor LPM-1077 (1955)

Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra
Redskin Romp
RCA Victor LPM-1091 (1955)

Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra
Redskin Rumpus
RCA Victor EPA-612 (1955)

Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
The Sons of Sauter-Finegan
RCA Victor LPM-1104 (1955)

Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
This is Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
RCA Victor LPT-3056 (1955)

NBC Symphony Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini, conductor
Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel/Death and Transfiguration
RCA Victor (Red Seal) LM-1891 (1955)

Richard Crooks (tenor), Nathaniel Shilkret and His Orchestra, and others
Listen to the Music of Victor Herbert
Camden CAL-228 (ca. 1956)
Note: two covers exist, same catalog number, with color
and detail variations

Various Artists
Memorable Music from the Movies
Camden CAL-233 (1956)

Billy Mure
Supersonic Guitars in Hi-Fi
RCA LPM-1536 (1957)
Note: back cover illustration

Jimmie Driftwood
The Battle of New Orleans
RCA Victor LPM-1635 (1958)

Shorty Rogers
Portrait of Shorty 
RCA Victor LPM-1561 (1958)
Note: back cover illustration; also appears on RCA Victor KPS-3112
(see below)

Leroy Kirkland’s Rock-Chas
Strollin’ the Cha Cha Cha
RCA Victor EPA-4272 (1958)

The Dukes of Dixieland
At the Jazz Band Ball
RCA Victor LPM-2097 (1959)
Note: back cover illustration (credited) of
musicians and a series of shoes

The Dukes of Dixieland Featuring Pete Fountain
RCA Victor LSP-2097(e) (1961)
Electronically Reprocessed Stereo edition, with back
cover illustration (uncredited) of steamboat

The Nashville All-Stars
After the Riot at Newport
RCA Victor LPM-2302 (1960)

Esquivel and His Orchestra
Infinity in Sound
RCA Victor KPS-3112 (1960)
Note: “Living Stereo” tape cartridge (early cassette) format; same Flora art as on RCA Victor LPM-1561 (see above)

Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Inside Sauter-Finegan Revisited
RCA Victor LSP-2473 (1961)