Special Products

Flora art works have been licensed for various fun products, such as …

Flora works are offered as boutique wooden jigsaw puzzles by Artifact Puzzles. Four Flora paintings—The Big Bank Robbery (1965), Tenement K (1946), Jazz Quintet (1943), G3 in Tampico (1970), and Chioggia (1962)—are now available. Each features hundreds of 1/4″-thick pieces that are laser-cut in Flora-like shapes, and are packaged in pine wood boxes.

Our fine art prints can be displayed on your walls. But now you can cover entire walls with Flora’s mischief and mayhem. Drawing from archival music images, paintings, and abstract designs, the Flora Collection by Design Your Wall brings what the artist termed “a piece of excitement” to any space. Wild and playful, many of these splashy designs are suitable for children’s rooms, recording studios, and dens.

ArtMuse.com (“Original Affordable Art”) has produced four exclusive, archival-quality, limited edition fine art prints of iconic Flora works from the 1950s and 1960s. The works—three previously unpublished—are available in a variety of sizes, with pricing pegged to size and edition runs. These prints can be purchased framed or unframed.



Louis Armstrong’s Hot 5

2009 print of 1947 album cover
Ltd. ed. (25) available through Hypergallery
by exclusive arrangement with JimFlora.com