The Miraculous Mambo Returns!

In 2012 we sold our 200th and final oversized Mambo For Cats screen print, the last of a limited edition produced by Aesthetic Apparatus of Minneapolis in 2006. Almost immediately, a legion of Floraphiles—especially those fond of felines and Latin terpsichore—began clamoring for this work to be restored to our catalog. The nature of limited editions precludes us from issuing the work in an identical (or even comparable) format. Two hundred hand-numbered, Flora family-authenticated, 20″-square Mambo screen prints (and two dozen proofs) exist. There won’t be any more. Want one? You’ll have to search on the secondary market—which means find someone who bought one and wants to sell it. We don’t control that market, and price is determined by supply and demand.

But we do control the underlying image, and limited edition print protocols permit us to issue the work in an altered format. Consider it done. To celebrate the publication of The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora, our fourth anthology—and one which specifically features all of Flora’s known album covers—we’ve revived Mambo for Cats. This week we’re launching an edition of 200 hand-numbered, 11-1/2″-square, archival-quality fine art prints. It’s about 40% smaller than the screen print, and is produced on different paper with different inks via an entirely different printing process (inkjet, or giclée). The giclée image is slightly smaller than a 12″ LP cover in order to accommodate a 3/4″ margin on an untrimmed 13″ x 19″ sheet of 310g Hahnemühle stock. (A smaller margin would make matting problematic.) One other significant difference: the screen print was on cream-colored stock; the giclée stock is white.

Upon learning about the new Mambo edition, ears began to perk up in the Flora community:

We also offer a Mambo mini—a 7″-square archival quality print. This is an open edition, meaning the prints are not numbered nor is the edition limited. To date we’ve sold about 150 minis.

We can’t guarantee these Mambo kitties will have nine lives, but for now they’re happy to embark on their third.

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