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Adam Parfrey, a fearless, maverick independent publisher with a robust sense of humor (and a taste for the macabre), has died at age 61. We note his passing here because Adam’s Feral House Books reprinted Jim Flora‘s legendary 1978 book Grandpa’s Ghost Stories in 2017. Just last week we signed an agreement with Feral to reprint Flora’s last (1982) book, Grandpa’s Witched-Up Christmas. Feral House was known for publishing edgy titles, and Adam was the heart and…

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WGXC Celebrates Four

February 13, 2015

Our good friend and fellow Floraphile Jillian Leigh Sutton, a DJ at WGCX in Hudson, New York, passes along this Florafied invitation: Brian Dewan, who will be presenting one of his wry original filmstrips, is also a good friend and a member of the Raymond Scott Orchestrette. If you’re in the area, go and enjoy yourself while supporting a good cause – regardless of whether you have bonus legs or just the requisite two.

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Flora “Rhapsody (in Blue)“ wallpaper by Astek and Double-E featured on the Babyccino blog: Writes Pim’s mom Esther: Last weekend, my husband and I did something new for both of us: we wallpapered a wall. We learned a lot about measuring, cutting, and patience, and got to deeply respect the skills of professional wallpaperers. But after hard labour I’m proud to present the results: the wall behind Pim’s bed is covered in gorgeous blue wallpaper!…

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We’ve posted a series of photos of Floraphiles sporting skin art. We neglected this one—actually more than one—sent by Kelly Kimball in 2010. Multiple camera angles required to view the entire anatomical exhibition: As best we can discern, the details are derived from Mambo for Cats, the Little Man Press, and The FCC’s Expanding Demanding Universe, though there might be other sources. If you missed our prior Flora skin art posts: Fresh Ink and Flora…

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Reader/art lover Tiago writes: “I am a huge fan of Jim Flora’s work. (I have already bought books and prints.) I would like to share this image of my latest tattoo, from a Flora work. Hope you guys like it! It is a sincere homage to one of my favorite artists!” The original illustration is from 1942: This isn’t the first time Flora has inspired skin art: Bix, birthday boyFresh ink and Flora tattoo #2Demonstrated…

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proud Floraphile

October 29, 2014

Musician Mike Keneally is a Floraphile. Info on Mike at AllMusic, and here’s his website. Photo by my brother Dan Chusid, October 2014. The book he’s holding is our 2013 anthology The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora.

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THE MISCHIEVOUS ART OF JIM FLORA:  A Centennial Fine Art Retrospective, 1940-1975 detail, untitled tempera on paper, mid-1940s We’ll celebrate the Flora centennial with a major fine art exhibition at the Silvermine Arts Center, Norwalk CT, from September 20 – Nov 2, 2014. The exhibit, curated by Irwin Chusid, co-archivist of the Jim Flora collection, will feature dozens of rarely seen original paintings and a handful of new prints, most never previously exhibited. Flora and…

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One hundred years ago today, James Royer Flora was born in the quaint village of Bellefontaine, Ohio. Above, possibly making its first public appearance, is the artist’s earliest extant work, a pen & ink with pencil (or charcoal) entitled First Steps, dated June 8, 1935, around the time Flora enrolled at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Whether the work is intended to be autobiographical shall forever remain a mystery. To observe the centennial, we have two…

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Flora at BlissTopic Arte

January 20, 2014

For our Spanish-speaking (-reading, actually) Floraphiles, here’s a lengthy profile of our upcoming centenarian (Jan. 25) by Esther B. Vigil at The title, EXORCIZANDO DEMONIOS AL RITMO FRENÉTICO DEL JAZZ, translates as “exorcising demons to the rhythm of jazz,” which is an interesting take on Flora’s devilish creations. The images were borrowed from our website, except for a 1950s photo we provided of Flora at work in his studio. The article includes the 1959…

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music and art in the crib

October 11, 2013

Flora, grinning (ca. 1985) Flora’s daughter Roussie Jacksina has received her complimentary copy of The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora. She writes: Hi Irwin, I received the book today and it is GORGEOUS! Where on earth did you find all that new material? You are amazing sleuths and the book is stunning. Assuming Dad is among us in the 4th dimension, I’m sure he is grinning wide. I think the first music I ever heard…

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Animation legend GENE DEITCH was a longtime friend of Jim Flora, a friendship that commenced in the 1940s and ended only with Flora’s death in 1998. Today Gene wrote to us: Pete Jolly Duo EP from back cover of The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora THE HIGH-FIDELITY ART OF JIM FLORA arrived!  This latest treasury of Jim’s art is the closest to my heart, as it covers the exact material that led me to him in the mid…

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Our fourth Jim Flora anthology is officially available today. Our first book, The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora (2004), featured Flora’s known album covers. Since that book’s publication, more vintage covers have been found, as well as the artist’s rough drafts and rejected illustrations. The Mischievous Art went through two editions, but is now out of print, highly sought and available only at high prices through rare-book sellers. So we decided to compile a complete collection of Flora record…

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