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Adam Parfrey, a fearless, maverick independent publisher with a robust sense of humor (and a taste for the macabre), has died at age 61. We note his passing here because Adam’s Feral House Books reprinted Jim Flora‘s legendary 1978 book Grandpa’s Ghost Stories in 2017. Just last week we signed an agreement with Feral to reprint Flora’s last (1982) book, Grandpa’s Witched-Up Christmas. Feral House was known for publishing edgy titles, and Adam was the heart and…

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Flora at BlissTopic Arte

January 20, 2014

For our Spanish-speaking (-reading, actually) Floraphiles, here’s a lengthy profile of our upcoming centenarian (Jan. 25) by Esther B. Vigil at The title, EXORCIZANDO DEMONIOS AL RITMO FRENÉTICO DEL JAZZ, translates as “exorcising demons to the rhythm of jazz,” which is an interesting take on Flora’s devilish creations. The images were borrowed from our website, except for a 1950s photo we provided of Flora at work in his studio. The article includes the 1959…

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Gary Groth (left) and Kim Thompson On Wednesday we noted the death at age 56 of Kim Thompson, co-publisher (with Gary Groth) of Fantagraphics Books, under whose imprint we’ve graced the world with three Flora anthologies. (A fourth, The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora, arrives in September.) Kim served as the company’s editor and point person for my (and Barb Economon‘s) Flora books. He conferred with us and designer Laura Lindgren during development and production, ensured…

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